Roger Holder

Roger Holder knows how to go fast in a straight line.

He’s still learning how to go fast and turn left, and he’s taking notes at Super Nationals.

The Bakersfield, Calif., driver is in his second full season in the IMCA Modified division. He came to the full-bodied class after 20-plus seasons and numerous drag racing championships.

“I borrowed a hobby stock from a buddy of mine, raced it once and thought it was too slow,” Holder said. “I asked him what was faster and he said an IMCA Modified.

“From the stands it looked like it wasn’t so hard to do,” he added. “Wrong.”

Holder’s “other” race car is a 2000 Camaro. He’s traveled extensively on the West Coast and to Texas and Georgia to compete.

“I went to a race in Georgia and there were about 80 other cars. You race one guy at a time in drag racing,” Holder said. “The number of cars and the level of competition here is very high.”

There are a couple more subtle differences between drag racing and dirt track racing that only time can alleviate.

“I’m still learning setups and motor combinations,” said Holder. “I don’t have the experience yet to know what to change when I get off the track.”

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