2014 Eve of Destruction

2014 Eve of Destruction

Does a Caddy roll end-over-end better than a Lincoln? Will the Ford beat the Chevy at Tug-O-War?

Burn Out Contest

Ahhhh... the smell of burnt rubber. Just one of the many events scheduled for the Eve of Destruction at Boone Speedway on Friday, July 4, 2014.

And just how fast can a van with a boat go around turn four without causing total mayhem?

Your questions will be answered on Friday, July 4th at the Boone Speedway Eve of Destruction. A rollover contest, leap of death, demo derby, burnout contest, trailer races and more are on the card for an evening of total disaster.

Fans can take part in a little slippin’ and slidin’ of their own on the famous Boone Speedway Redneck Slip-N-Slide. The holiday evening will end with a spectacular fireworks display sponsored by the City of Boone.

Grandstands will open at 6pm, pit gates at 6:30pm, with events starting at 7:30pm

Redneck Slip-N-Slide

Boone's famous Redneck Slip-N-Slide will be back in action during the Eve of Destruction at Boone Speedway on Friday, July 4, 2014.

High Flying Caddy

That's gonna leave a mark! See just how big of a mark during the Eve of Destruction on Friday, July 4, at Boone Speedway.

Adult grandstand admission is $20, teens are $10 and ages 12 and under are $2. Pit passes are $25.

For more information, contact Promoter Robert Lawton at 515-987-1220.

Click HERE for a printable poster.