Changes for minors in pit area

Changes for minors in pit area

As the owners of Boone Speedway, it is our intention to provide a safe and secure environment for our drivers and staff.  Prior to this season we have not allowed minors, under the age of 14, to be in the pit area.  Since we feel racing is a family sport, we have decided to test the waters and allow DRIVERS kids only into the pit area.  There will be a trial period and will be suspended if we feel that the rules are not being followed or being taken advantage of.

Our insurance company has put forth the following allowances and limitations:

  1. Every child entering the pit area will be required to supply the track a copy of the minor’s birth certificate.
  2. The first time the minor comes to the pit area the parents (Driver) will be required to sign a minor release in the presence of a notary.  (The track will have a notary on hand).
  3. After the first week, the Driver will be required to sign a regular minor release each night they enter the pit area and will have to have his car registered to race that night.
  4. Minors, under the age of 14, will not be allowed to walk in the pit area and must stay in their immediate pit area unless accompanied by a parent.
  5. If a minor, under the age of 14, is found to be lacking in supervision while in the pit area he/she will be given one warning and then asked to leave the second time.   This will be monitored by The Boone Speedway staff and penalties will be levied by the promoter to those not following the rules.
  6. All minors age four and over will be required to pay the nightly pit pass price.  (Three and under are free)
  7. All minors, under the age of 14, will be required to wear a badge with driver’s name, car class and car number on it at all times along with a nightly pit pass.

Please know that we strive to make Boone Speedway a family environment and we don’t want to exclude anyone but we want to make sure that everyone is safe at all times.


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