Eve of Destruction: Monday, July 4

Eve of Destruction: Monday, July 4


We will be having Trailer Races and Outhouse Races on the Fourth of July. We are working on a couple others and will post that when they are confirmed. Please check back for updates.

Rules are as follows….


There will be a 20 car shootout $500 to win


We need drivers, Racetrack will supply cars!!!!! $500 to win


If interested in driving the Jump Car, please private message us and we will be in touch. $500


1. Any car/van/truck (NO RACE CARS) are eligible for trailer races.

2. Any trailer is eligible for the race’s must weigh 350 Lbs at start of race there must be 12 inch’s of trailer hooked to car at end of race if you lose your trailer you will be black flagged and must pull off track

3. Must wear full face helmet with eye protection, long sleeve shirt and long pants (no shorts) and gloves

4. Only one person allowed in tow veichle

Any question’s call Smitty 515-250-7802

1st place 500.00 2nd place 100.00


1. Outhouses may be built out of any solid material. There are no weight requirements.
2. Outhouses should have four sides, a roof and a doorway. If teams choose to have a door, it must be secured open during the race.
3. Windows are allowed but please do not use glass.
4. Any number and size of wheels may be used.
5. Bicycle parts are permitted but no in-tact bicycles are allowed. 6. Outhouses must be at least six feet from the floor to the highest point of the outhouse.
7. You must push or pull your entry, no motors or pedals are allowed.
8. Each outhouse must have a seat with a hole that one team member sits in during the race. The seat must be
attached securely to the outhouse and the rider may hold on to some type of grasping device, which is
suggested for safety reasons.
9. Each outhouse should have its name or theme displayed on the outhouse and at least one roll of toilet paper
within the structure.
10. We would appreciate your outhouse resembling an actual outhouse, since it is an “outhouse” race.

1. Up to five people can be on each team and one person must ride inside the outhouse and remain in the outhouse throughout the race.
2. A helmet is strongly recommended for all participants but the team member riding in the outhouse IS REQUIRED to wear a helmet.
3. The outhouse participants must be at least 14 years old. There is no weight limit for the riders.

1. Two outhouses will race in each heat and must remain in their own lane. The winner of each heat will advance to the next round and the losing team will be eliminated.

Please let us know if you are wanting to participate so we know how much time to allow for the races.

1st place 500.00 2nd place 100.00