Ronn Lauritzen

Ronn Lauritzen

The driver with one of, if not the most vocal cheering sections in the main grandstands, will start his career-first Modified main event on Saturday night.

That accomplishment by Ronn Lauritzen comes after less than six full seasons in the class and despite a dustup early in Wednesday’s qualifier that left him with a bent left rear wheel and wondering if he’d be able to stay in the race.

“Just to make it into the main event at Super Nationals was one of my goals. “Of course I want to win it but I’m going to be happy regardless of how I finish.”

He ended the qualifier in fifth, working his way patiently toward the front after starting 18th.

“I figured I’d run the first half of the race and see what happened,” Lauritzen said. “Everything worked out for us.”

Lauritzen crewed for Ed Thomas for 15-plus years and had raced motocross and 4-wheelers before wheeling a Thomas car part-time.

He has a career-best five feature wins in his fifth Modified season.