First round of IMCA Fast Shafts All-Star voting starts on July 20 

First round of IMCA Fast Shafts All-Star voting starts on July 20 

BOONE, Iowa – One hundred and twenty-eight of the best Modified drivers on the planet are on the ballot for the first round of Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational 2015 Super Nationalsvoting.

Voting runs from July 20 to July 27 to select 14 Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modified drivers from a candidate list that includes winners of events paying $1,000 or more held through July 15, plus 2014 state and regional champions.

Another 14 All-Stars, chosen from 40-point feature winners of sanctioned Modified events held between June 19 and July 16, advance from the second round of voting scheduled for July 29 to Aug. 5.

Two drivers from each of the five regions and four at-large drivers will be elected in each round of voting. Balloting will be conducted through the IMCA Facebook page.

The 12th annual invitational will be Friday, Sept. 11 during the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s at Boone Speedway. Completing the starting grid for the 30-lapper will be All-Star candidates with the top national point total and the most feature wins as of Sept. 4 competing at Super Nationals.

Winners will be notified and their names announced as soon as possible after each round of voting. The All-Star Invitational pays $1,000 to win and $200 to start.

First-round All-Star candidates include:

John Hansen, Richie Gustin, Ken Schrader, Travis Hagen, Brendon Gemmill, Kyle Heckman, Travis Peery, Mark Carrell, Ryan Gaylord, Alex Stanford, Nick Trenchard, Troy Cordes, David Murray Jr., Bert Beech, Jeff Taylor, Chase Hansen, Ryan McDaniel, Kelly Shryock, Danny Lauer, William Gould and Brandon Beckendorf;

Cory Sample, Todd Shute, Jim Sandusky, Mark Elliott, Kyle Strickler, Darin Duffy, Dan Fitzgerald, Eric Dailey, Jay Matthias, Austin Burke, Jesse Sobbing, Mike Wedelstadt, Michael Hale, Bobby Hogge IV, Eddie Kirchoff, Ricky Thornton Jr., Justen Yeager, Keith White, Randy Sandvick, Jeff Hunter and Tad Reutzel;

Kenny Baumann, Bryce Borgen, Johnny DeYoung, Hunter Marriott, Troy Gemmill, Jason Noll, Hank Berry, Josh Gilman, Jim Cole, Ed Turnbull, Jordan Grabouski, Johnny Saathoff, Tyler Droste, Chris Heim, Troy Foulger, Brad Pounds, John Gober, Zane DeVilbiss, Chris Abelson, Chris Fleming, Fred Wojtek and Ricky Alvarado;

Craig Cassell, Matt Cole, Mike Densberger, Brandon Durbin, Brint Hartwick, Paul Jones Jr., Ronn Lauritzen, Brad Lautenbach, Blake Lyle, Jeremy Meirhofer, Ryan Roath, Clay Sellard, Kelly Smith, Ricky Stephan, Caleb Stone, Jesse Taylor, A.J. Ward, Kyle Wilson, Danny Womack, Mike Jergens, Terry Phillips and Duane Cleveland;

Marlyn Seidler, Tim Ward, R.C. Whitwell, Dylan Smith, Tate Cole, Nate Moore, Jason Wolla, Scott Hogan, Jimmy Gustin, Jesse Williamson, Ryan Ruter, Matt Bonine, Jesse Bailey, Shawn Kilgore, Mark Schulte, Regan Tafoya, Jeff Sheppard Jr., Josh McGaha, Chris Crompe, Randy Artz and Kory Wermling;

Jeremiah Hurst, J.D. Auringer, Nick Roberts, Jeff Olschowka, Brad Martin, Collen Winebarger, Heath Grizzle, Eddie Belec, Scott Busby, Mike Mullen, Jason Czarapata, Josh Long, Corey Lagroon, Bruce Hanford, Neal Flowers, J.P. Dowell, Jon Herring, Jake Donnelly, Jason Grimes, Kyle Rohleder and Tyler Iverson.