John Watson Wins Hawkeye Challenge After Official Review

John Watson Wins Hawkeye Challenge After Official Review

After a final review of the BSNB Snap On Tools Hawkeye Challenge, it has been determined that John Watson in the 4w IMCA Hobby Stock is the official winner of the event.  Saturday night Donovan Smith was declared the unofficial winner in the Stock Car division. With the race being of its nature, Boone Speedway officials went back to IMCATV video, re-reviewed the transponders, and reviewed hand scoring to come to the correct conclusion of Watson picking up the $1000 prize and Snap On Tools Grill Trophy. 


The Hawkeye Challenge Race put 25 cars on the track between 6 classes.  Hobby Stocks, Stock Cars, Mod Lites, Sport Mods, Modifieds, and Sprint Cars, all racing under a handicap system.


“This race is one we hadn’t done for 26 years and it was crazy.  We spent a lot of time trying to make sure each class had the right amount of laps at the end to put everyone as close to the same at the line as we could and that’s what happened.  All six class winners were within 6 seconds of each other at the end. When you have something as wild as that, especially being a first time back in so long, it just got past us. It was an amazing event and I can’t wait for next year; our scorers, flag man, race director, and the rest of the staff did an outstanding job,” said Coty Mallicoat, representative for Boone Speedway. 


Watson was the winner in the IMCA Hobby Stocks besting Adam Ayers.  Next was Donovan Smith in the IMCA Stock Cars picking up the class win over Scott Davis and Dave Smith.  Cam Reimers picked up the IMCA Sport Mod class over Jake McBirnie by .010 seconds. Tim Ward was the IMCA Modified winner over Joel Rust after Rust and Ward tied for the final starting position in the event.  Mike Houseman was next through with the IMCA Sprint Car and Mike Kennedy picked of the Mod Lite division win. 


Mallicoat added, “Looking at the video and the transponder times, if this thing was a lap longer or we had a couple more green flag laps at the end, it would have been a totally different finish, and that’s what we wanted to accomplish, it was a great race.”


Stay tuned for next Saturday August 3rd for our next Super Saturday with $2500 up for grabs for IMCA Modifieds. 


Official Hawkeye Challenge Results Top 10:


  1. John Watson 4W IMCA Hobby Stock  13:30.825 20 Laps
  2. Adam Ayers 31 IMCA Hobby Stock 13:31.847  20 Laps
  3. Donovan Smith 35 IMCA Stock Car 13:33.392  21 Laps
  4. Scott Davis 81D IMCA Stock Car 13:34.815  21 Laps
  5. David Smith 8 IMCA Stock Car 13:34.886  21 Laps
  6. Cam Reimers 21 IMCA Sport Mod 13:35.322  22 Laps
  7. Jake McBirnie 82 IMCA Sport Mod 13:35.333  22 Laps
  8. Tim Ward 4TW IMCA Modified 13:35.428  23 Laps
  9. Mike Houseman IMCA Sprint Car 13:35.735  25 Laps
  10. Mike Kennedy Mod Lite 13:36.851  22 Laps