Modified mission takes Molle to victory lane at Boone

Modified mission takes Molle to victory lane at Boone

By Denny Grabenbauer

BOONE, Iowa (April 3, 2004) – A man on a mission, Mike Molle led from start to finish in winning Saturday’s Twin Frostbuster feature for I.M.C.A. Sunoco Modifieds at Boone Speedway.

Challenged in the early going by Cale Sponsler, Molle held onto the point to take the checkers ahead of Denny Stoneburner and de­fending track champion Jeff Schroyer.

Caution flags flew three times over the course of the first 10 circuits before the field was able to get into the racing rhythm. The last 10 laps were run without any yellows.

Schroyer’s run came from the 11th starting posi­tion. Jeff Stephens qualified out of the “B” main, started 21st in the feature and worked his way to the fourth spot at the end.

Craig Elliott picked up the I.M.C.A. Sunoco Stock Car victory and Lake City hotshoe Dustin Smith paced the I.M.C.A. Hobby Stock main.

Jason York took the lead from the Stock Car pole and held the top spot for the first eight laps before giving way to Elliott. York, running on the high side, could not hold off Elliott, who was charg­ing down on the low side.

The two raced side-by-side before Elliott made the pass and took the lead.  Sec­ond went to Shane Stone­burner, with York third and Luke Veren fourth.

The Hobby Stock feature would go green to checkered after a opening lap yellow.  The 10th starting Smith made things look easy as he took the lead at the halfway mark and charged away from the field.

Bill Atcheson finished second, followed by Wayne Gifford and Nick Murty.

Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. Mike Molle; 2. Denny Stoneburner; 3. Jeff Schroyer; 4. Jeff Stephens; 5. Cale Sponsler; 6. Jason Stringer; 7. Josh Truman; 8. Chris Wilke; 9. J.J. Scott; 10. Todd Shute; 11. Sean Rupp; 12. Scott Baker; 13. Rick Campbell; 14. Tony Hofbauer; 15. Mike Pruitt; 16. Tyler Pemble; 17. Jake Durbin; 18. Rick Speck; 19. Scott Simatovich; 20. Russ Dickerson; 21. Darren Huntley; 22. Melissa Johnson; 23. Todd Luther; 24. Dennis Pittman.

Stock Cars – 1. Craig Elliott; 2. Shane Stoneburner; 3. Jason York; 4. Luke Veren; 5. Chris Ullrich; 6. Larry Silbaugh; 7. Damon Murty; 8. Steve Jackson; 9. Rod Snellenberger; 10. Jake Ludeking; 11. Adam Sealy; 12. Tony Ritterbush; 13. Larry Karcz; 14. Stuart Eisentrager; 15. Mike Padden; 16. Jay Schmidt; 17. Brian Blessington; 18. Larry Crochek; 19. Richard Quail; 20. Don Vis, Marshalltown; 21. Justin Temeyer; 22. Lonnie Hodges; 23. Dave Atcher; 24. Eric Stanton.

Hobby Stocks – 1. Dustin Smith; 2. Bill Atcheson; 3. Wayne Gifford; 4. Nick Murty; 5. Steve Jones; 6. Courtney Lauf­fer; 7. Sam Harris; 8. Jacob Murry; 9. Donovan Smith; 10. Troy Hudson; 11. Danny Wat­son; 12. Bill Bonnett; 13. Jeremy Winter; 14. Dean Hartwig; 15. Jason Niedert; 16. John Daven­port; 17. Ken Morlan; 18. Paul Nagle; 19. John Moore; 20. Terry Shaffar; 21. Randy Em­brey; 22. Trent Murphy; 23. Curtis Veber; 24. Ralph Bunce